People of a certain age will not look at let alone purchase Chardonnay. Big oaky Chardonnays are the oft-forgotten part of nineties pop culture.

Most folk will never have heard of someone, at a bar saying ‘ABC’ anything but Chardonnay.

Chardonnay never really went away. As a varietal it endlessly jockeys with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio as the world’s bestselling grape variety. As an up market expensive white wine from Burgundy, you only receive a chardonnay if you ask for a ‘white Burgundy’.

Chardonnay can be pretty much anything, grown anywhere and be made into a mind-boggling array of styles. Let’s not forget chardonnay is the only white grape variety in most champagnes.

Are people becoming bored of the zesty Sauvignon styles? Are they becoming interested once again in a fuller, flamboyant and creamy style of white wine that’s great with pasta and chicken.


The Global Winery list four Chardonnays


The Oyster Catcher and Arena Negra Chardonnay- Viogniers (80% Chardonnay and 20% Viognier) and the Aromo Chardonnay. All three of these wines are steel fermented (just like Chablis, another wine made from Chardonnay).

The Top of the pile though is the Aromo Private Reserve Chardonnay. Just arrived in the UK as the 2022 vintage. It’s full of flavour, lushess in the mouth and this is all down to eight months in French oak barrels. Yes, its’ oak aged but more in the style of an expensive White Burgundy rather than the less attractive oak aged chardonnays of the Nineties. Enjoy.


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