Thanks to its rediscovery, the long misunderstood grape variety has slowly carved a path to success.

If Carmenère were a saying, it would without a doubt be “everything comes to those who wait”. This black grape variety has been around for centuries, and yet it has only been rediscovered recently.
After a century almost forgotten as a historic Bordeaux blending grape, then mistaken for Merlot, Carmenère has developed a fantastic reputation in the past thirty years, since Chile embraced it as its signature variety.
Carmenère slowly carved its path to success in the wine landscape, and is now not only Chile’s crown jewel, but also grown in China, where it is called Cabernet Gernitsch, in Italy, and back to its origins, in Bordeaux.
At The Global Winery we’re happy to offer the estate bottled varietal Aromo Carmenere 2020 (steel fermented) and the estate bottled Aromo Private Reserve Carmenere 2021 ( with six months oak aging).

Aromo Private Reserve Carmenere
Aromo Private Reserve CS